Announcement: Important Information Related to Umrah in Ramadan

Umrah is the holy pilgrimage to the Holy land of Saudi Arabia for visiting the sacred land and religious places for seeking the pleasure and goodness of Allah. It is different from Hajj and is not compulsory for the Muslims, but those who can afford and have the wish of visiting the place can undertake the journey. There are different rites and steps in Umrah which are other than the Hajj but Hajj in the holy month of Ramadan is considered to be equal to that of Hajj in blessings and rewards. One can enjoy the love of Allah in the sacred visit and can devise any needed plan for the visit. Al Fatimah Travels are offering the best deals for Ramadan Umrah packages 2016 with Al Fatimah travels to the residents of the United Kingdom. People can look out for 2016 Ramadan Umrah Packages from the company as these are reliable providers of the services.

Performing Umrah for Seeking Allah’s Will

Ramadan Umrah Packages from United Kingdom can be ordered here for the pilgrims so that they can make their Ramadan in an environment which is full of blessings. Just like the Hajj, there is the same procedure for starting the Umrah from wearing the Ihram from Meeqat which are the specified points termed Meeqat. Umrah is performed at any time of the year and the Ramadan Umrah packages 2016 can be ordered at the travel partner. There are some important things to consider in the performance of Umrah so that the journey could be accepted in the way of Allah. Get your journey planned for the next upcoming year for Ramadan 2016. As Al Fatimah Travels offered the reliable and affordable Umrah Packages 2015, there are options that the next packages are also going to be excellent for the pilgrims. The Tawaf of the Kaaba is also performed as the pilgrim reached the Makkah.

Virtues and Blessings of Umrah in Ramadan

There are so many virtues and blessing of Umrah that one cannot think of them without performing the Umrah once. It is being reported in the Hadith that the Umrah expiates the sins to another Umrah. In some hadiths it had been reported that performing Umrah in Ramadan is equivalent to Hajj performed with the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). If a pilgrim calls Allah for forgiveness and blessings, then Allah responds to the wishes as he is away from his country and from the loved ones in order to please the Lord of the world.

Selecting Our travel Company for the Visit

The necessary actions involved in the Umrah are Ihram, which has already reported and Tawaf while Saee and Halq are the compulsory which can be left in case of issues or problems. By Al Fatimah Travels the people can order for cheap Hajj and Umrah packages including flights in 2016. Get ready to plan your Umrah during Ramadan 2016 and make your life changed with the effective and soulful journey of the sacred land in the world. There are many affordable packages for Umrah available. There are different economical 21 days Umrah Packages in Ramadan and also the Affordable 10 days Umrah Package. In this interval of time people can make Allah happy with his acts of prayers and fasting in the month of Ramadan. The offering of Salat in Isha is full of virtues and blessings.

Dedupe: The Way to Go When Removing Double Data From Your PC

Our reality is turning out to be perpetually needy upon PCs for the association and capacity of information.

Everything from money related and business exchanges, to the names and addresses of our loved ones, to our shopping rundown are done electronically, with the guide of computational innovation and administrations.

A standout amongst the most essential capacities performed by PCs, with regards to sorting out and understanding vast amounts of information, is deduplication of information. Programs with the capacity to deduplicate or dedupe, information are turning out to be progressively prominent for extensive partnerships, little organizations, and even people.

PC programs dedupe information by dedupe software that are indistinguishable and after that evacuating one of the duplicates. Numerous projects utilized for this assignment work to dedupe information in two stages; the main includes utilizing the dedupe capacity which discovers copy bits of information (that is, bits of information where all qualities in all fields are precisely the same), and banners them for cancellation.

The client then goes over the information and figures out which of the copies ought to be erased, and which ought to be kept. This procedure is utilized to standardize information before running the deterministic coordinating capacity, which utilizes principles to discover matches between bits of data.

What makes this procedure diverse is that rather than consequently erasing any copies that are distinguished, it recognizes matches between two arrangements of information and banners any copies that are found. This permits clients to pick which bits of information they need to keep and erase.

Its planned use is to help organizations to stay sorted out and represent the greater part of their items and value-based information, yet it can be utilized as a part of a wide range of uses, for example, adjusting a financial balance, or notwithstanding dealing with a disordered contact list.

Since the parameters are set by the client, the exactness and proficiency of the dedupe procedure fluctuates based upon what data is given. Along these lines, it is significant for clients to work on utilizing the system and see the greater part of its capacities, and how to accomplish craved results.

Luckily, clients can physically survey coordinates that the project makes and right any blunders, notwithstanding setting up any matches that the system may have missed. This revising procedure additionally shows clients how to utilize the product adequately, and what parameters must be set with the goal it should work to its most extreme potential.

The bigger an organization is, the more vital it is to utilize a PC project to dedupe information, as doing as such physically with vast amounts of information is a dreary, disappointing and tedious procedure.

Dedupe software are entirely helpful for huge associations that need to oversee terabytes of exchange data, yet it can likewise be exceptionally convenient for little organizations, and even people, that have a bigger number of information than they can monitor.

Benefits of Employee Time Tracking Software

In the past, time tracking was simpler as the corporate companies comprised of small groups of employees. Previously, the only way to track employee’s working time and their efficiency was through the time sheet and the time clock which was maintained manually. They appointed people to watch and determine the productivity of employees working there.

However, things have changed and became much more complicated as the number of employees increased, which in turn created the need of employee time tracking software. It is impossible to maintain the records of that many employees manually without any data redundancy and inconsistency. The time tracking software eased the process of handling employee’s data and also reduced extra man power required for that.

Working of Employee Time Tracking Software

The employee time tracking software is a program which allows you to monitor the amount of time spent by your employees in working on their daily tasks or projects. It provides an element of control to increase the working efficiency of the employees and also reduces the over-reporting time of employees after the actual time. These systems are designed to run smoothly for every kind and size of businesses, starting from a small office to a huge enterprise.

These times tracking software is based on computer time clocks which maintain the routine tracking of employees’ starting and ending time of a job, just like mechanical time clocks. Here the user is not required to sign any paper before starting their work, as the system automatically allows the employees and keeps track of their work. In some companies, employees are required to swipe a magnetic card or use the biometric input device to gain access to start their work.

Employee Time Tracking Using Telephone Timekeeping

The web-based, telephone timekeeping systems can also be an effective employee time tracking tool, which is simpler to use as off-site workers can use a toll-free number to check in and can use the same number to check out. When considering employee time tracking for a mobile workspace, telephone timekeeping can effectively increase the efficiency at the same time making more profits through lower payroll processing costs.

The features of employee time tracking system using telephone timekeeping include location tracking, unusual time detection, voice authentication, unlimited clock in and out ability, and security alerts. Other convenient features of telephone timekeeping are project clocking, running work time, voice reports and some edit requests.

Some Features of Time Tracking Software 

Time tracking software accumulate the employee’s data into the database and help the managers to gain access easily for auditing the information for accuracy and further reference. The systems create a work detail sheet and provide it to the human resource department at the end for use during pay period, which surely reduces the paperwork and eliminates errors. The scheduling capability of these software allows the supervisors to maintain a timetable for every employee.

There is no discrepancy in the data of working hours of employees and you can retrieve time card data with a finger click. The system avoids the time-consuming calculations which are difficult to do manually and may lead to mistakes.The time tracking software that allows employees to send messages to supervisors, log their time of work and even put in applications for leave should be chosen

No Greenhouse Pottering Yet: The Misery of Delayed Retirement

Increased levels of debt and pension savings shortages are forcing millions of people in their 50s to postpone retirement by around eight years, according to an Aviva report.


The pension provider discovered that 40 per cent of those 50- to 60-year-olds questioned are expecting to have to stay in work until they are at least 70. Just five per cent claimed to be financially secure enough to stop working in their 50s.

Eight Years More Work

The Aviva report, featuring data amassed from interviews with 2,000 employees and 500 companies, found that more than a third (36 per cent) of people employed in the private sector over the age of 50 now predict that they will retire later than they thought they would at the age of 40, and the average delay was expected to be eight years.

The demise of lucrative final-salary schemes and the stock market-reliant policies they have been replaced with are causing many of the concerns amongst private sector employees in their 50s.

In a climate where a second job may be more attractive to people in their 50s than early retirement, the research also discovered that almost half of those questioned felt that they did not have enough in their pensions savings pots and that they would not be able to live on what was provided by the state pension – as described on the government website at

Bleak Mortgage Outlook

Debts are also a concern, leading to many over 50s turning to the companies such as Carrington Dean to enquire about an IVA or to help improve their financial situation, and many people in this age group are now predicting that they will still be paying off a mortgage when they reach 60.

Calculations show that a person will need almost £200,000 in private pension savings if they want to finish work at 65 and live on two-thirds of Britain’s average yearly pay, which currently is £27,600, even if they are entitled to the full state pension.

There is some good news for those people who have to work past 65, however, as the Aviva report reveals that workers in this age group say they get a greater sense of satisfaction from their jobs than those in younger categories, whilst 64 per cent of over-50s said they felt valued by employers.

How Business Owners Can Use Systems to Save Time

In today’s world, business owners are very busy focusing on their craft and this is why they hardly get time to manage everything within 24 hours. There is the never-ending list of things that require your attention and this includes tremendous work pressure which disturbs your personal life badly. Business owners who have accounting and real estate experience have proved to be of great help for meeting the needs of customers. Here are some ways tat business persons can use systems to save their valuable time.


  • Bill paying                                       

Clients do not like to take the trouble of making bill payments by standing in a queue. The bills are sent to the clients by e-mail and then they are processed for payment and delivered to the clients for signature. All accounting and financial statements needed are prepared for the client.

·         Bookkeeping      

Proper bookkeeping is extremely important for taking managerial decision and tax preparation on a yearly basis. If you remain unorganized in this business sector, then this may lead to more time and your money may be wasted at the end of the year once you are ready for making tax payment.

·         Collection of financial statements

You need to make financial statements ready by keeping in mind your business needs in accordance with the requirements of the American Institution of CPA’s. The bankers will need this information to find out that the accounting records reflect properly in your business.

·         Business consulting

A company should have proper and functional accounting systems, , correct pricing and right people for the job. The brainstorming companies can boost their effectiveness into various folds. With a detailed study and interview of your business, you will be able to provide needed information to the customers. This will help you implement changes that will benefit your company to a great extent. You may get in touch with a professional who can guide and assist you in creating and then implementing proper accounting system. Keep a track of the cost to determine if the pricing is right for your business.

·         Create a prioritized list

You need to make a list of the tasks that should be completed within 24 hours, despite how busy your daily schedule might be. This will help you stay focused and meet the deadline for the completion of the work. Rank tasks according to their priority and preference to ensure that the most important works are completed within the time limit. You may shift the other tasks for the time-being and continue doing them after you complete the immediate ones.

·         Work to your productiveness

It is absolutely right to work on your own when you think you can do the best. If you like to get up in early morning, then utilize this time in handling big and complex projects so that they can be completed with ease. On the other hand, if you stay awake till late night, then choose the most appropriate time for managing big projects in order to complete them with confidence.

If you are still not sure whether to invest in software, tools, training or staff, then do the necessary calculation of how much it will cost and how much time it will save you. Know that capital required and this analysis will tell you if investing in the right tool is the right financial decision for your business.

Retail Solutions Advisors is the commercial real estate experts in Florida

Looking for investments is challenging and a great way to grow your bottom line. Figuring out which investments to go with, though, is likely to drive you crazy. There seems to be so many opportunities out there, but deciding which ones to go with is hard. One thing that seems to stand the test of time is commercial real estate. Getting into owing commercial property can be one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do, and it can add to your capital for all other purposes significantly over time.

If you’ve not been involved in commercial real estate dealings before, you could face some large concerns like how to go about finding the right property to buy, negotiating the right deal because you know how to find the true valuation of the property, and understanding the current tenant mix as well as what you might do for future tenants, to name just a few starters. These kinds of details grow and grow instead of going away. So the single best thing you could do for yourself and your new enterprise is to team up with experts who understand the business inside and out. A professional group of individuals who make commercial real estate, in all its various forms, their life every day. You need the team at Retail Solutions Advisors.

This company understands how to get you going in the right direction. They have a knack for finding out your true goals and dreams for commercial real estate. They take what they have learned and then put together a plan for you that maps out all the things you should do and need to do in order to achieve those goals. And then they help you get there. It’s a fact, there are so many complicated details about the commercial real estate business that you could implode if you don’t let your team help you, so giving this particular team the go ahead to help means that they will take a lot of responsibility off your shoulders and a lot of “things to do” off your plate.

You can’t believe how much this frees you up to do the things you are really good at. And at the same time, you have a professional team of experts from Retail Solutions Advisors backing you up all the way and doing the things you didn’t know you needed to do. It is a relief and a great way to add to your success story because you’ll do nothing but succeed with this experienced team in your corner. With over 100 years of combined knowledge and experience in commercial real estate, the individuals at Retail Solutions Advisors know a thing or two about what you need.

You can rely on them and trust them to help you in every way. No matter what the job is that needs to be done – marketing to get new tenants in the building, redecorating inside and out to get a new look and feel that is appealing, dealing with associations that are looking for your time and attention – they can do what needs to be done with ease. Give them a call and find out what they can do for you.

If you have commercial real estate that you need help managing, it’s time to contact Retail Solutions Advisors. Call or click today to learn more.

4 Steps involved in selecting the best credit card

Selecting a credit card that best fits your needs is not an easy task. Numbers of companies exist in the market that offer many credit cards, each for different purpose and with different qualities. It is your duty you assess your needs and apply accordingly for the 2016 best promotions credit cards.

Analyze your credit history

First and foremost step is to understand where you stand in terms of credit history. Review your credit report and know what type of credit card you can qualify for. Your credit report also defines the limit you will get. Better the history, more the limit you will get.


Identify the credit card type

After determining the credit limit, you need to identify which type of card you need. If you are a starter or have a bad credit history, student or secured credit card would be best for you. Student credit cards are available for those who are starting to make their credit history. They are easier to get and are mostly used for study purpose. Secured credit cards can be opened by depositing a specific amount as a security in case you fail to pay your bill. If you use these credit cards wisely and are able to pay in time, you can eventually improve your credit report history and qualify for unsecured credit cards in the future.

If you are a heavy traveler, credit cards that offer free mileages, discounts on tickets, car rental services and dinning bills are best for you. If you intend to use your card for everyday purchases, credit cards that offer rebates, rewards and cash discounts are best for you. But they usually offer higher APR so you need to pay your bill in full each month. You should clearly know when these reward and discounts are going to expire otherwise you will obtain no benefit from this offer.

Similarly, credit cards with 0% balance transfer facility are available in the market for people who own many credit cards and want to transfer the balance in one card. But find out the duration for which the APR on the new card is 0% so that you can pay your debt interest free.

Narrow down and compare

After you have assessed your need, narrow down your choice to 2 to 3 credit cards. Compare the offers these cards are offering and select the best one. Know the duration for which a card is offering 0 or low inertest rate. You can use internet to compare these credit cards. You can also read the features that come with these cards. Understand all the terms and conditions fully and apply for the 2016 best promotions credit cards.

Start using the card sensibly

The process does not stop after you have received the card. The real responsibility comes after you start using it. Take caution neither to breach your credit limit nor delay your monthly payments. Start building a good credit history that will help you in future.

Coupon Codes

With the rise in the costs, there’s also a growth in the demand for ways to save money from the buyer manufacturing cost. There is a method to cut your prices through online vouchers in which prices cut back on your own purchases as well as save your some cash.

A lot of people have the meltdown of the monetary decline nowadays. Much like other people, You might also are already Minimizing various luxuries as well as unneeded products, yet can’t cease looking for such things as food and other essentials. This is where the particular lower price or totally free coupon codes help to make a lot of variation and allow us to reduce the quantity in which we have to purchase the items we want every day. A short while ago, free coupon codes failed to inspire many people however with the expenses of almost everything, individuals want to save the something they can. With the economic climate gone crazy, conserving as little as a driblet is now essential which has led to the recognition from the free coupon codes. Peoples right now, seldom shop for something without having checking for that free of charge Online codes first. Several major outlets and also stores take coupon codes as well as cut back on the values of the Products.

Voucher codes

Discount coupons are certainly not anything at all new, we have been trimming these from the newspapers and magazines for a long period. Either to get you a sample of the product or even a huge lower price on the prices, peoples are constantly on the lookout for paytm coupons. With returning from the World Wide Web, getting free of charge coupons has become easier compared to turning the web pages with the newspapers every day. Numerous sites have got popped up offering discounts with regard to just about any kind of merchandise you can think of.

Just how online coupons Perform?

Once you visit a web site that offers discounts, you come across numerous categories of items below that you can find deals regarding numerous Goods. Combined with the coupon code, the discount offers you and also the store title shows up for each product. Once you click the discount code for the merchandise, you might be forwarded to the actual web page Online. Right now there you can examine out your merchandise, make an internet buy through getting an enormous reduce the values. A few deals will not function that way. You should replicate the particular coupon code from the internet site as well as check out askmebazaar coupons to be able to get the actual lower price on the item. Such circumstance, certain recommendations tend to be specific combined with the coupon code to be able to get them.

Browsing various internet online website stores to discover the discount coupons can be a troublesome task. To create this method a breeze, you ought to use the search engines like Google to find a wide range of web sites offering deals. Such internet sites like Flipkart focus on getting out various flipkart coupons provided by various shops making it hassle-free for those customers. Upon these sites, you’ll get several discounts from a number of shops.


Importance of Professional Career Guidance

In most social media profiles of teenagers or those have just passed out from college, it can be seen that there has been an urgency of getting a job to kick start the career. Unfortunately in a country like India, where population explosion has taken a toll on the dreams of millions, jobs are not easy to come by, even for individuals who are academically strong with reasonably good foundation. Education has become compulsory in India and the minimum level of learning has also witnessed an all time high record. There have been numerous cases where unemployed people have become frustrated and resorted to illegal or dangerous means, which are detrimental to the society. Even in developed countries in USA, employment has become a serious problem to deal with. In spite of all efforts, the abilities of a government are limited and it is not at all easy to create jobs. The first part of the last century witnessed great depression whereas the last half of the last century witnessed global meltdown. With change in oil prices and turbulent situation in Middle East, the general cost of living has also witnessed steep rise. No doubt, the young job aspirants, who are on the verge of beginning their careers are under acute stress and concern. There has also been the trend of contractual jobs which are not only uncomfortable with job satisfaction, but significantly questions the basic case of terminal reality. With no pensioning system in the private sector, there is always the unavoidable hurry of earning before becoming a senior citizen of the country. As far self employment or entrepreneurship is concerned, the situation is lukewarm indeed. One cannot definitely say that the present e-commerce domain has brought neo digital revolution, but certainly it has directly or indirectly triggered the formation of new jobs and professions. Thus big e-commerce companies like Flip Kart, Snap Deal, and others are in a position to pay big, but also in a position to sack, as and when needed. Thus it is crystal clear that the present perception of employability is miles apart than the older decades. Apart from that, global professional approach has been extremely congenial for entrepreneurship involvements. Being a worried parent or a sincere student in direct concern with the individual student, the question of decision-making looms large for them and inevitably such a decision can be hailed as game changer altogether.

There is no denying the fact that modern day students are much advanced and quite capable of taking their own decision, making significant impact in their lives. But, it has been witnessed from all quarters of students, their sons and daughters can’t have the luxury of ample time and opportunity. Thus specific guidance is indeed necessary for such a scenario. In this regard, there have been further debates whether teachers or parents are responsible for controlling or guiding such a scenario. The role of parents is limited as there is only slim chance that they will be aware of the new developments. Side by side, they don’t have the scientific parameters to take decisive movement in such an issue. In case of teachers, the existing school set up do not have conducive atmosphere for customized individual guidance. Thus in spite of being resourceful, teachers are mostly helpless in this regard. Now the professional career counsellors can certainly come forward with their varied inputs, loads of experiences and innumerable case studies. Let us not forget that they have got logical rationale behind their methodical approach, which enables them not only becoming great motivators to the students, but also giving proper exposure to the changing domain of workplace.

The career counselors firstly look at the profile of the concerned individual. Then interacts with him and finds out his passion. The results of online psychometric tests are readily available to tally. Apart from that, the career counselor organized regular one to one sessions to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the students and enabling them the right approach or right attitude to jobs. There is no denying the fact that training and competence of the career counsellors play a pivotal role in making big impact on the individuals. Although at present, there are not enough career counsellors to tackle the huge population of students, yet it can be said, the planning for job or profession gets huge boost when a career counselor discusses various angles to the proposed job available for the concerned individual. In no way it should happen that the concerned students get disheartened with the approach of the career counsellors. Online psychometric career tests can never be true alternatives of the career counsellors, as they lack the customized individual holistic approach, which indeed makes a difference in the long run in the life of the student.


About the Author :

Ranabir Bhattacharyya is a freelance writer for the last 5 years and have contributed for Time of India (Kolkata, Response), Rosevalley 365 din and MyIndMakers. Did his graduation from ST Xavier’s College (Kolkata) and have a Post Graduate Diploma studies in Mass Communication from Jadavpur University. Ranabir is a social media enthusiast and always keen on writing and sharing his views.



How to choose best greeting card printing company?

Greeting cards are of great choice for wishing your greetings to your loved ones or to your friends or to your family members. Earlier people used to buy greeting cards from the market that are of typical designs but now there are numerous service providers which are offering their services so that you can get customize greeting cards. Even now you can customize a greeting card through online web portal and place an order of that card so that you can get it through mail physically. Greeting cards printing is becoming very popular and trending among the teenagers as well. Along with printed greeting cards, handmade cards are also becoming very popular. It’s up to you to decide that with which option you want to wish your loved one so that you can convey your feelings through greeting cards. While selecting a greeting card printing service provider, you should remain very careful and cautious as your little negligence could ruin your whole event.

In order to select a service provider, first of all you are required to visit your local market so that you can get the idea of the market. The quality of material that is being used in the making of card and the cost of card are two main elements upon which you have to focus on. In searching local market, it’s not compulsory that you go specifically for greeting cards printing service provider but you can go for ClubFlyer printing or catalog printing too so it’s your choice that how you are going to broad your spectrum. Once you are done with searching of your printing service provider then you can start searching on internet as well. While searching on internet, all you have to do is to repeat the same process as you have done while searching in your local market. In this way, you wouldn’t get the list local service providers but you will also get the list of international service providers too.

After getting the list of majority of service provider, you can visit online forums and communities where you can get third party opinion not only from the people who have used the services of your shortlisted service providers but also from people who are expert in this field. Expert people would also help you in getting familiar with the expertise and technical aspects of the printing so that you can inquire about them from your selected service provider. This inquiry would allow you to shortlist the service providers so that you can have the service provider which you feel is up to the mark and fulfills the requirements which you want them to fulfill. You can also check their portfolio as by doing so you can have idea of their working capability and their style too and before placing order of your greeting card, these are compulsory things which you have to perform in order to secure your side so that at the time of event you don’t have to feel any kind of embarrassment due to your greeting card.

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